Bipolar highs: a runaway train

Interesting post by PurplePersuasion, on managing bipolar (hypo)mania – and answering the question, “When you feel you are going high, are you able to stop yourself?”

I’m hoping to blog about my own experiences, but in the meantime, this is a very interesting read.


I’ve been delivering talks to delegates on Mind training for almost a year now. I’ve been invited to speak at a range of different courses run by Mind – many have been “open access” courses that anyone with an interest can book themselves onto, others have been held in companies that need mental health training for their staff. I generally speak for about 45 minutes about what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder, with additional time for questions. I’ve spoken to service users, carers, and people in frontline health and social care roles, as well employees at large private sector organisations.

One of the questions people most often ask is, “When you feel you are going high, are you able to stop yourself?” It’s an interesting question, because two years ago when I was re-diagnosed with bipolar, I would have responded with a definite, “No.” At that point, I…

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